Blue Avenue

Looks like we've got a wreck babe

In Their Own Words

Elton John:

“There’s only one track on the album that you say Blue Avenue isn’t exactly an R&B type song. But it isn’t, but it still has that…I felt comfortable with it. It’s very Elton John type song, but it kind of fits in with the rest. And the others kind of flow into each other.” – 1989


  • Speculated to be about Elton & Renate’s marriage.
  • Didn’t have an specified inspiration by Elton and Bernie but they decided to keep it on the album as it sounded like it fit.
  • Was last played live in 1992.


Technical Notes

  • The version on the album was an early take
  • Fred Mandel played the horn part on his Korg M1
  • Elton played a Bosendorfer piano (from Puk Studios)
  • Originally demoed at Woodside prior to Puk Studios.


Keyboards & Vocals – Elton John
Bass – Romeo Williams
Drums –  Jonathan Moffett
Guitar – Davey Johnstone
Keyboards – Fred Mandel
Keyboards – Guy Babylon
Backing vocals – Davey Johnstone