Club at the End of the Street

You hear the sounds of Otis, and the voice of Marvin Gaye
Cover for Club  at the End of the Street

Cover for Club at the End of the Street

In Their Own Words

Elton John: 

“It’s a very much a Drifters-type, summer sort of song. On the whole album, it was nostalgia-type songs that we wrote, and “Club at the End of the Street” just screamed “Drifters” as soon as I saw the lyric. It’s kind of like the Drifters “At The Club” or “Up On The Roof”. Melody wise, it was similar to them; it’s got all those clichés in it. I think we achieved our goal when we finished that particular song”.  – 1990 (Billboard)

“It was the last album before rehab, but it was a good album, and I love “Club at the End of the Street.” We wanted to write a song like the Drifters would record, one of those Goffin-King, Brill Building songs. It’s the closest we ever got to one.” – 2013 (Rolling Stone)

Bernie Taupin: 

“Of all the songs on the album, I think that’s the one that really, if you play itm you’ll know that’s  the Drifters. With the others it be may be a little more hidden. But the feel of that is pure, honest to gosh Drifters.” – 1989

“But I think again that, it’s a song that really sums up the feeling of the times. I mean you can smell the tenements and feel the heat of the street. When you can do that in a song, you’ve got something to be proud of. ” – 1989


  • Inspired by “The Drifters” and songs like “At the Club” & “Under the Boardwalk”
  • An unreleased video starring Elton was said to have been made but was rejected after Elton didn’t like it
  •  The animated music video was done by Animation City.

Technical Notes

  • Fred played the Organ solo.
  • Davey and Fred played small acoustic Martin guitars.
  • The single edit was slightly sped up.


Keyboards & Vocals – Elton John
Bass – Romeo Williams
Drums –  Jonathan Moffett
Guitar – Davey Johnstone
Guitar & Organ – Fred Mandel
Keyboards – Guy Babylon
Backing vocals – Davey Johnstone
Saxophone – Vince Denham