I Never Knew Her Name

And she walked like a mystery

In Their Words

Elton John: 

“”That’s the most Aretha one. I could hear Aretha playing the piano and singing on that one. Even though it’s me. The piano on that is kinda very Aretha Franklin, like “Don’t Play that Song”. That’s the kind of  style the piano playing is on that.”  – 1989


  • Described as a Percy Sledge type song by Bernie (1989)
  • Inspired by Aretha Franklin’s Don’t Play That Song

Technical Notes

  • Elton played a Bosendorfer piano on the song


Keyboards & Vocals – Elton John
Bass – Romeo Williams
Drums –  Jonathan Moffett
Guitar – Davey Johnstone
Guitar- Fred Mandel
Keyboards – Guy Babylon
Backing vocals – Marlena Jeter, Mortonette Jenkins, Natalie Jackson, Davey Johnstone