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Elton John - WhispersIn Their Own Words

Elton John:

“And you know like some songs like Sacrifice, when I put the demo down to “Whispers”, they really sound…the old spine tingling  feeling.” – 1989



  • Was originally announced as the 2nd single (which ended up being Sacrifice).
  • One of the first songs completed on the album.

Technical Notes

  • Originally demoed at Woodside prior to Puk Studios.
  • Drum pattern may have originally been based on a preset pattern on the LinnDrum. If you listen closely, the hi-hat from the LinnDrum can be heard as the song fades.


Keyboards & Vocals – Elton John
Bass – Romeo Williams
Drums –  Jonathan Moffett
Guitar – Davey Johnstone
Keyboards – Fred Mandel
Keyboards – Guy Babylon